Monday, 4 October 2010

Wow! Has it been that long since my last post. bad!
I was preparing for the Mycology conference, IMC9 in Edinburgh and absorbing all things fungi. I came across this mind-blowing information about fungi at the TED talks site.

I think our future hinges on supporting research and promoting the development of these kind of left field ideas!

During a very successful conference, the laws of attraction were in operation. I ended up with a nasty cold, virtually consumed by bacteria. That triggered a succession of colds and gripes, so was unwell for about five weeks in total. All that talk of swarming bacteria, spores and contamination....they say, be careful who you keep company with ;)


helicopter6 said...

Love the fact you're doing a Mycology course... and the Ted talks are brilliant. Will check this one out. Maybe the swarming bacteria just wanted to get a little closer! Hope you're feeling better.

maria vinagre said...