Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday finds

Ah...I do love my succulents! They are so fascinating, especially how they can reproduce in the most hostile environments. I found this one down the back of a bookcase, clinging to life, feeding on the dust and mire that has accumulated over the seasons.


Marchi Wierson said...

elin that is so beautiful. I love succulents too.

anastasia said...

plants are hardy critters, aren't they? i once left my crown of thorns in a closed up house over the winter and they were fine when i came back.
i just posted some photos of kokedera (the moss temple in kyoto, japan) and thought you might be interested in seeing some close up shots of some fun moss. not much lichen though, sorry.

imagine said...

Yes, succulents are great. They are so funny puffy:)))

ELINtm said...

Thank you Marchi! It's grown so much already now it's in a pot. I'll do a follow-up photo in spring.

Anastasia, I love your photos of the moss garden, it's great to see the pics of architectural features too. Thank you :)

Thank you Imagine :)