Friday, 19 August 2011

Great news! At least I think so....

It's funny how things happen...I had just made a firm decision to let my Etsy shop lie fallow and if it died through lack of attention, so be it. The next day I was contacted by Etsy's European arm to be informed:-

"you have been selected for Etsy's Press Kit....Now is a good time to fill your shop with similar items and beef up your descriptions"

What! Not the kind of serendipity I wanted. Trying to stop wasting time on Etsy has been like trying to quit crack!! I was so close....Anyway, after being on holiday for a week, I have returned to find all this relevancy bother, yet another major tweaking session required. Exactly the kind of thing that keeps me hooked on Etsy but hating it at the same time....arrgh!