Friday, 19 August 2011

Great news! At least I think so....

It's funny how things happen...I had just made a firm decision to let my Etsy shop lie fallow and if it died through lack of attention, so be it. The next day I was contacted by Etsy's European arm to be informed:-

"you have been selected for Etsy's Press Kit....Now is a good time to fill your shop with similar items and beef up your descriptions"

What! Not the kind of serendipity I wanted. Trying to stop wasting time on Etsy has been like trying to quit crack!! I was so close....Anyway, after being on holiday for a week, I have returned to find all this relevancy bother, yet another major tweaking session required. Exactly the kind of thing that keeps me hooked on Etsy but hating it at the same time....arrgh!


anastasia said...

yes, definitely like crack. i tried something similar with the internet in general. i lasted one, maybe two weeks, before i found myself wandering through blogs and buying things i didn't even know about that i suddenly needed.
but, this is really good news, and congratulations! i guess fate has other plans. maybe you can wean yourself from it next month?

ELINtm said...

maybe you can wean yourself from it next month?

ha ha! This made me laugh out loud!! You have no idea how many times I have said that to myself (And my partner, who now just snorts if I mention Etsy! ;)

Murgatroyd said...

Etsy & crack in the same sentance, who'd-a-thought-it!
Um, funny how life comes back to bite you on the bum like that! Do you know when you're going to be featured? Will look out for you.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

From the small image I thought that the small case was a full-size suitcase and got very excited at the prospect of you travelling through airports with mouldy luggage. Please tell me you do. It will make my day.

Congrats on the upcoming feature.

ELINtm said...

Thanks Murgatroyd, don't know when it will get sent out. I guess there are quite a few images, so it's a bit of a lottery whether mine will be picked for any magazine features. Fingers crossed eh!

Hello Lisa! Ha Ha, if only. I have a large bucket style shoulder bag, does that count? :)

April Mawhinney said...

Your post did make me laugh out loud when i read it! Congrats on being picked. it really is 'Great News!'

Anonymous said...

I hear you.

I did the same, had an argument with my shop, and we were not on speaking terms.

Lo and behold, as if the universe knew, I sold one of my most loved pieces.