Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New postal charges in the UK

Oh dear! If it wasn't bad enough for the small artisan business with the recession and all, UK postal price rises came into effect yesterday.

I'm feeling quite conflicted about it at the moment. I'm very happy to pay more to secure our brilliant daily delivery service but I suspect it's just preparation for privatisation.

Only time will tell what the effect will be. The concrete example of an effect I have had so far is my ebay listings. Many were about half way through a 10 day listing yesterday, so I adjusted the shipping on all my listings. Unfortunately, the amount of watchers who disappeared was pretty significant.

I guess with increases of about a third on many services it could be some time before people absorb the impact of the increase. Below are the default shipping for 'Notonthehighstreet' sellers here in the UK (I'm one :) . Pretty painful eh!

increase to delivery prices across all sizes


Anonymous said...

Hi Elin,

I have not been able to get your post about etsy out of my mind. It stayed with me all through my dog walk and I discussed it at tlength with my partner, another etsy seller. It comes down to positioning in the market - where the etsy market is becoming an ocean of average. And your stuff is WAY above average.

I recently had my own etsy-stential crisis, and I think I may have come out the other end..

I'd love to blog about you and your work,with referecne to your etsy post if that's OK.

Your latest fan,


ELINtm said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you for your super comments.

Yes, blog away! If you need any info. or pics, just let me know.

Best wishes :)