Sunday, 10 April 2011

Being copied again!!

Well it's taken two years but I guess it was inevitable that I would get idiots on Etsy copying my work. I thought mold would be pretty foolproof subject but no. I'm very disappointed. I hope the person feels embarrassed.

In addition, this person must be incredibly stupid. Why?

1. They have copied something that sells very few items, if you are going to copy, the wise man says copy a bestseller.

2. Copying something that is only made by one person in the world, means you get caught out as a plagiarist straight away! Wise man says copy something that has already been copied.

3. Copy if you can bring a genuinely new twist to it or fresh perspective. Wise man says don't show yourself up as talentless moron by copying without a creative bone in the body.


anastasia said...

seriously. but copyists wouldn't be copyists if they had any talent; however, it's still aggravating when it happens. it's one of the reasons i love long drawn out multilayered time intensive artwork; you'd have to be nutty to even try copying.

Lizzie said...

you must be proud!if people copies you is because your work is beautiful.Copies will never be as beautiful as the original ;) (sorry for my incorrect english)

Marchi Wierson said...

elin no one can really copy you. you have such a unique look and fresh way of working that is you. even if all of us textile crafters suddenly got moldy, there is only one you. Much respect elin! I enjoy watching what you do.

Anthropomorphica said...

Irritating as it is, take it in your stride because your work is wonderful. I've been admiring your moldy pieces for a while and copies are just that, they lack the energy and spontaneity of an original.

Anonymous said...

I tend to feel the same as Lizzie: why not be proud that someone was inspired by your work, rather than angry?
And truly, we are NEVER the ONLY one with an original idea, it's much too large and old a planet to assume that.
If the picture you posted is what has you upset, don't be. It's not similar (that I've seen), only the subject matter.
In this age of internet, one's work is probably emmulated hundreds of times, we just don't see it all.
We can't control the universe, just be confident that what you do is from your heart and beautiful, my dear.
{gentle advice from an old crone}

material witness said...

Elin, Your work is beautiful and original but working with images of lichen and mold is something that people have been doing for a few years that I know of. I have been for ten years.There are textile artists like Lesley Richmond and Jane Kenyon who have also worked with mold for inspiration. It is about the interpretation and you have really nailed it to the wall. I really love your work!

ELINtm said...

Thank you all for your comments..I really appreciate you taking the time, I wasn't anticipating anyone would read it!

Thank you also for your encouraging thoughts and I do hope my photos give some pleasure.

I'm not going to respond individually but I have continued my rant in a further post. Feel free to rant back if anything gets your goat/alpaca/herdwick :)