Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Do you follow the seasons?

There is no escaping the fact spring is in the air! All you crafters out there will have noticed the mountains of chicks and bunnies. Every time the season changes I seem to be miles behind! I've got another cold and my hands have gone as dry as streusel. In my dreams(!) one day, I'll be ahead of the curve and fully prepared for the seasonal changes. My pagan friends would say I don't get out of the city or plunge my hands into earth frequently enough, so am out of synch. They are probably right!

I do really like the idea of organising colours into seasonal palettes though. I'm always seduced by those books which work out what colour one's wardrobe should be from skin tone and hair colour. So, I'm aiming to try to think along those lines. The picture above is a new piece I made yesterday, endeavoring to use an autumnal palette. You can see the spring and winter rings at my Bigcartel site.......

p.s. Happy springcleaning :))

1 comment:

Olivia said...

Beautiful ring! I love the colours.
I think spring is running late this year anyway (at least in Spain) ... so don't worry you still have time ;)