Saturday, 21 November 2009

My wonderful partner, David Hopkinson has won the Getty Images video remix competition. So well deserved, I'm honoured to have made many cups of tea during the creating of it!

Here's a link to watch :-


artistudios said...

It looks great!


ki. said...

i don`t know if you search sometimes for these old naturalists engravings, probably yes, i think when i see your wonderful organic designs...
but i recently found some really great set, i`m all over it, the guy was a real artist, not only the art, but also the composition of the sets...
anyways, i remembered of your art and i`m sending you a link (check out everything of haeckel in this album), maybe can serve as an inspiration one day :)
kisses from a polish fan from brazil! :)

ELINtm said...

Thank you Marcia! :)

Wow! Thank you for that tip, Ki. Haeckel is a brilliant artist....just ordered his book of strange undersea illustrations on Amazon. Can't wait :)

Bethel of Bethania said...

Gosh what an absolute honour to win such an award...[always soo much work goes into these videos]... understandably you would be feeling chuffed... Great stuff... OOroo... B